Rule #19: Be Firm, Yet Flexible

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Whether we're trying to learn a new recipe, to stop smoking, to leave the office by 5, to spend more time with the grandchildren, to switch jobs, to start a workout program, or to sign up for dance lessons, the Firm-Flex Continuum (FFC) is always in play, a hidden traveler on every excursion.

The message is simple: we must constantly balance our desire to be firm (i.e., to pursue our goal) with our need to be flexible (i.e., to relax our pursuit when higher priorities intervene).

And though the Firm-Flex Continuum applies to the full sweep of human interactions, from relationships ("I should have been a little more flexible in my approach") to commitments ("I should have been a touch more firm in saying no"), its greatest service is in helping us reach our goals.

This chapter introduces you to the Firm-Flex Continuum and offers a variety of ways to integrate it into your life, and into your daily thinking.

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