Rule #18: Zero to One

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Think of yourself as a master chef, wielding a sharply honed carving knife, capable of slicing goals into bite-sized pieces. This is the message of Rule 18 -- think small, think bite-sized, think zero to one (not zero to ten).

Rule 18 is the salve for our human tendency to over-commit and over-promise -- not just to others but to ourselves. Rarely a day goes by when we don't make a private promise that, however well intentioned, commits us to too vast a course of action. Still, we continue to over indulge, intent on going back for seconds (zero to ten) when we know that a single portion will do (zero to one).

The solution? Zero to one. Whether you're planning to spend more time with your children, explore a career change, reduce your monthly expenses, initiate an exercise program, study for a major exam or launch a new business, it's critical to keep the carving knife close at hand. After all, a thick piece of bread is far more likely to get stuck in your throat than a dollop.

This chapter introduces you to "The Goal Slicer" and its impressive psychological powers.

And Challenge 18 asks: "How Sharp is Your Knife?"

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