Rule #16: You're Free to Change Your Mind at any Time

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Is consistency overrated?

I posed this question to 30 of my friends and the response was deafening, if not outright consistent: "NO!"

They insisted, with penetrating conviction, that consistency is a highly valued human trait, rivaling kindness, trustworthiness and honesty.

It's hard to disagree. Let's be honest, if someone turned to you right now and said, "You know, you're a very consistent person," you would probably receive it as a compliment. And while you might have preferred: "You know, you're a very reliable person," or "you're a very honest person," you certainly would not be ashamed to be known as consistent.

Yet consistency can be our undoing, an emotional straightjacket that inexplicably binds us to our past. Yes, consistency is of value on the highways and in the kitchen, but when it comes to making decisions, I believe that it's vastly overrated. This chapter takes us a step closer to liberation -- that is, allowing ourselves to be open to new information, new ideas and new ways of thinking that may, just may, lead us to change our mind.

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