Rule #10: Avoid USSs

(USSs = Unsolicited Suggestions)

rule 1

"Why don't you tell him it's over?"

"Maybe you should call the doctor and check it out."

"Just tell them you're fed up -- just quit!"

Welcome to the field of Suggestology, the science of advice, persuasion and exhortation. As practicing suggestologists, each of us, over the course of a day, offers countless suggestions to friends and family.

We dispense advice in the lunch room, at the grocery store and the kitchen table. We rarely shy from telling others exactly what we think they should do, or think, or feel.

This chapter bids us to consider the obvious - that if someone wants our advice, they'll probably ask for it (in the form of a question, not a statement). This chapter:

  1. Examines the infamous SS exchange (that is, a "statement" followed by a suggestion)
  2. Issues the ultimate challenge: "How long can you wait?" and
  3. Encourages us to consider the consequences of being a practicing suggestologist.

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