Rule #9: Respect PPIs

(PPIs = personal preference items)

rule 1

It's Saturday afternoon and you've taken in a rare movie matinee.

You're leaving the theatre, reliving the magnificent performance, when you overhear your friend mutter: "What a waste of time." You're stunned, and quickly contemplate whether to: 1. challenge your friend with a sharp-tongued: "What are you talking about? That was a great movie;" or 2. smile, recall Rule 9, and ask your friend what they didn't like about it.

The central notion underlying Rule #9 is that every human brain is unique. Every human brain benefits from unique construction and unique environmental exposure, each of us boasting more than a billion neural connections. That's seven billion brains roaming the planet, each with a billion unique neural connections.

You do the math.

This chapter offers three simple tips for those struggling with Rule #9.

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