Rule #8: Create New Habits

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"The simple notion that habit is a bad thing is that of total ignorance," according to the web site "The fact is that 95% of what we do from one day to the next is in repetition. Understanding this may put our whole perspective into a different view. We should now be able to see that since habit governs so much, all we have to do is force ourselves to do the things we want . . . and need to do, on a regular basis. This automatically becomes a habit of choice and something that can be constructive instead of destructive."

Unfortunately, most of us simply aren't in the habit of creating new ones. Instead, we tend to focus on eradicating bad ones. But imagine if you decided to sit down and consciously create a new habit ("hmmm, what habit would I like to begin?"), a new way of behaving that we know would bring pleasure to us and those around us. Imagine.

This chapter offers six guideposts for creating new habits:

  1. You're not alone
  2. Habits are made to be broken
  3. Feed the positive, starve the negative
  4. You don't need more self-discipline
  5. Start small
  6. Don't turn a lapse into a relapse

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