Rule #5: Focus on the Process

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Scenario #1: Dinner Time

It's dinner time and the product is that luscious moment when you sit down with friends and family for a quiet, relaxing dinner, ready to enjoy good food and conversation. The process, of course, began hours earlier, when you chose the menu, bought the vegetables, marinated the chicken, boiled the water, cooked the angel hair pasta, prepared the sauce, seasoned the salad.

In short, Rule 5 urges us to slow down and enjoy all which stands before us. Think about it, how many moments of your thought life have you been preoccupied with the outcome? To fairly answer that question, try asking yourself this one: "When I'm engaged in an activity, how much of the time am I thinking about the product (i.e., finishing the task), and how much of the time am I simply enjoying the process?" . . . .We often forget that the bus ride to the amusement park (process) can be just as enjoyable as the amusement park itself (product), if only we let it (children on a field trip are quick to point this out).

This chapter contains four mini-challenges:

  1. Searching for the "Happy Moment"
  2. Embracing the Product-Process Cycle
  3. Creating a Personal Trigger
  4. Embracing the Moments (instead of wishing them away)

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