Rule #4: Live in the Present

rule 1

Our ability to stay in the present is perpetually at risk. And the most challenging moments are those when we're alone.

When our thoughts start to drift, we risk missing the spendlor of the fruit on aisle 3, the shape of a clipped branch, the beautifully turned phrase, the magnificent contour of the green on the 17th hole.

From the author: "Often, when I'm driving, I glance at the highest branch on a tree, and our daughter Melyssa says she too has adopted the habit. The idea, suggested in a passage I read some time ago (I can't recall the author), forces us to look outside of our daily frame, to see anew what this moment holds."

Three questions we'll explore in this chapter:

  1. How much time do you spend in the present vs. the past vs. the future?
  2. How often do you say: "I can't wait until . . . "?
  3. Where do you spend your mental time?

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