Rule #3: Work Hard

rule 3

We spend exorbitant amounts of time pursuing shortcuts to manage our tasks. Resist temptation. Faced with a choice, try the long cut - when you're slicing onions, try using the knife in place of the electric slicer.

However appealing your shortcuts may be, a few milliseconds here and there won't earn you much. The truth is, shortcuts are one of life's most visible illusions.

This chapter examines the question: "In life, how important is it to work hard?" One of the author's friends offered the following:

"It is paramount. I am surrounded by successful people who have sold their companies or retired. They crave work. The desire to apply oneself in a productive endeavor seems to have a biological driver. It appears to be more than a mere desire to be needed."

Three things you'll learn in this chapter:

  1. Picking treats that work for you;
  2. Six steps for ways to build your treat system;
  3. How to avoid the punishment trap.

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